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My blog makes progress

When I decided to start a blog, I was not content with the existing blogging software (NIH syndrome) and have decided to write my own. After three evenings of development I came with a dead simple static page generator written in Python. It assembles .txt or Markdown files into a HTML structure. Then the HTML files are served with Apache web server. That's it. No scripts, no databases, no wasted disk space or processor time.

My "blog generation sofware" is currently in the early development stage. It is still very raw and has a lot of issues, but I enjoy using it. It has only two dependencies so far - Markdown and wheezy.templates (the fastest Python templating system, by the way).

While adding social buttons to the blog I have discovered that not only Twitter has dropped their tweet count support, but also Google had done the same with their Google plus. They claim it was done in order to improve the speed of loading of G+ buttons. But with Google having the fastest servers in the world, who would believe that? Now Facebook is the only one left standing, who can actually count shares.

When my "blog generation software" will be complete to the level the code is not embarassing to show, I am going to release it as an open source.


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